Library Books

B-006An Amish AdventureHorton, Roberta
B-025Curved Strip Piecing--2 copiesStothers, Marilyn
B-037Hawaiian Quilt PatternJones, Stella
B-044Irish Chain In A DayBurns, Eleanor
B-051MandalaPasquini, Katie
B-052Miniature Whole-Cloth Quilt CollectionTribuno, Berta Reth
B-092Seminole Patchwork BookBradkin, Cheryl Greider
B-144Country Songbird QuiltBenner, Cheryl & Pellman, Rachel
B-153Applique BordersKimball, Jeana
B-161Flavor Quilts For Kids To Make--Donated ReplacementAmor, Jennifer
B-190Go Wild With QuiltsRolfe, Margaret
B-192Quilts For KidsPalmer, Carolann
B-202Watercolor QuiltsMargaret, Pat Maixner & Slusser, Donna Ingram
B-217White-on-White Heirloom QuiltVon-Bergh-Arnoldus, Maud
B-222All The Blocks Are GeeseThat Patchwork Place
B-223Colourwash QuiltsAmsden, Diedre/That Patchwork Place
B-230Our Pieceful VillageRice, Lynn/That Patchwork Place
B-233Botanical WreathsReinstatler, Laura Munson
B-235Baltimore Beauties & BeyondSienkiewicz, Elly
B-236Three-Dimensional Applique & Embroidery EmbellishmentShackleford, Anita
B-238Sunbonnet Sue--All Through the YearLinker, Sue/That Patchwork Place
B-239Designing Quilts--The Value of ValueHammond, Suzanne Tessier/That Patchwork Place
B-240Bargello QuiltsEdie, Marge/That Patchwork Place
B-243Adapting Architectural Details For QuiltsWagner, Carol
B-252Quilting Makes The QuiltCleland, Lee/That Patchwork Place
B-254Applique In BloomSwain, Gabrielle/That Patchwork Place
B-258Applique Twelve Easy WaysSienkiewicz, Elly/C & T Publishing
B-262Easy Reversible VestsDoak, Carol/That Patchwork Place
B-263Woven & QuiltedCaplinger, Mary Anne/That Patchwork Place
B-270Celtic SpiralsDurcan, Philomena/Celtic Design Company
B-271Celtic Quilt DesignsWiechec, Philomena (adapted)/Celtic Design Company
B-272Quilted Sea TapestriesEckley, Ginny/That Patchwork Place
B-273Bias Square MiniaturesCarlson, Christine/That Patchwork Place
B-274Basic BeautiesWestfall, Eileen/That Patchwork Place
B-279Easy Paper-Piecing Keepsake QuiltsDoak, Carol/That Patchwork Place
B-281Celtic Style Floral AppliqueRose, Scarlett
B-287Easy Mix & Match Machine Paper PiecingDoak, Carol/That Patchwork Place
B-314Go Wild With Quilts--Again!Rolfe, Margaret/That Patchwork Place
B-315Block Bender QuiltsMiller, Margaret/That Patchwork Place
B-320Strip-Pieced Watercolour MagicSpringola, Deanna/That Patchwork Place
B-325Copy Art For QuiltersThat Patchwork Quilt
B-328Trapunto By MachineWalner, Hari/C & T Publishing
B-353Fractured Landscape QuiltsPasquini Masopust, Katie/C & T Publishing
B-355Beyond The HorizonHearder, Valerie/C & T Publishing
B-360Quilting Up A StormQuigley, Lydia/TPP
B-361Log Cabin With A TwistKaempfer, Barbara T/AQS
B-367Dimensional AppliqueSienkiewicz, Elly/C & T Publishing
B-368From A Quilter's GardenSwain, Gabrielle/TPP
B-371Jacobean Applique--Book I--ExoticaCampbell & Ayars/AQS
B-379Art Of Silk Ribbon EmbroideryMontano, Judith Baker/C & T Publishing
B-380Stripes In QuiltsMashuta, Mary/C & T Publishing
B-381Quilted LandscapesBlalock, Joan/That Patchwork Place
B-386Fabled FlowersSudo, Kumiko/Quilt Digest Press
B-387Patchwork PersuasionWolfram, Joen/C & T Publishing
B-409Border WorkbookKime, Janet/That Patchwork Place
B-420Slice Up A CircleMadden, Angela/MCQ Publications
B-429Circles of The EastSudo, Kumiko
B-430Optical Illusions For QuiltersCombs, Karen
B-431Magic Stack-n-Whack QuiltsReynolds, Bethany S/AQS
B-432Mastering Machine AppliqueHargrave, Harriet/C & T Publishing
B-433That Perfect StitchMcElroy, Roxanne/Quilt Digest Press
B-434WildflowersArmstrong, Carol/C & T Publishing
B-435Jacobean Applique Book II RomanticaCampbell, Patricia B & Ayars, Mimi/AQS
B-436Nature, Design & Silk RibbonGrafton, Cathy/AQS
B-437Dressed For The BestThat Patchwork Place
B-440Quilter's ArkRolfe, Margaret/That Patchwork Place
B-442Piecing: Expanding The BasicsMcDowell, Ruth B/C & T Publishing
B-447Quilter's Ultimate Visual GuidePahl, Ellen, Editor/Rodale Press
B-448Quilts With A ViewLabanaris, Faye/AQS
B-450Interlacing BordersHussain, Donna/Martingale & Co.
B-451Easy PiecesMiller, Margaret J/C & T Publishing
B-454Machine Quilting With Decorative ThreadNoble, Maurine & Hendricks, Elizabeth/TPP
B-457Color By Accident; Low-Water Immersion DyeingJohnston, Ann
B-459ThreadplayLehman, Libby/TPP
B-460Blooms & Baskets with DVD T-025Senuta, Emily G/AQS
B-461Pineapple QuiltsSmith, Barbara/AQS
B-463Kaleidoscopes & QuiltsNadelstern, Paula/C & T Publishing
B-468Create With Helen SquireSquire, Helen/AQS
B-470Through The Garden GateWells, Jean & Alori/C & T Publishing
B-472Birds Of A FeatherHenning, Brenda/Bear Paw Productions
B-474Sew Easy CelticMadden, Angela/MCQ Publications
B-477Photo Transfer Handbook, TheLairy, Jean Ray/C & T Publishing
B-478Travels With Peaky & SpikeSpeckman, Doreen/C & T Publishing
B-480Workshops For Quilt SkillsQuilter's Guild/J.B. Fairfax Press, Australia
B-483Mastering Quilt MarkingCory, Pepper/C & T Publishing
B-485Quick Cozy Flannel QuiltsRichards, Rhonda, Editor/Oxmoor House
B-486Fantasies & FlowersSudo, Kumiko/Quilt Digest Press
B-488Faces & PlacesAnderson, Charlotte Warr/C & T Publishng
B-489Curves In MotionDales, Judy B/C & T Publishing
B-490Make Any Block Any SizeWolfram, Joen/C & T Publishing
B-491Fancy AppliqueSienkiewicz, Elly/C & T Publishing
B-492Applique With Folded CutworkShakelford, Anita/AQS
B-493Wild BirdsArmstrong, Carol
B-494Stars A La CarteReynolds, Bethany S/AQS
B-498One PatchSoltys, Karen Costell/Rodale Press
B-500Best Of Jacobean AppliqueCampbell, Patricia B. & Ayars, Mimi
B-501String Quilts With StyleAug, Bobbie & Newman, Sharon
B-502Storm At SeaSmith, Barbara (Editor)
B-503Fat Quarter QuiltsHawley, M'Liss Rae/Martingale & Co
B-507Star Log Cabin QuiltBurns, Eleanor/Quilt In A Day
B-510Snippet SensationsWalters, Cindy/Krause Publishing
B-511Color: The Quilter's GuideBarnes, Christine/TTP
B-512Pieceful ScenesMadden, Angela/MCQ Publications
B-513Pieced FlowersMcDowell, Ruth B.
B-516Stitch N' FlipWells, Valori/C & T Publishing
B-517Freddy's HouseMoran, Fredy/C & T Publishing
B-521Quilt From The Quiltmaker's GiftLiss, Joanne L. & Tubesing, Nancy L
B-522Free Style QuiltsCarlsen, Susan/C & T Publishing
B-526Tucks & Textures IIRayment, Jenny/JR Publications
B-528Quilted HavensPurney-Mark, Susan & Greig, Daphne/AQS
B-530Down In The ValleyDerksen, Cori & Harder, Myra/Martingale & Co
B-531Wildflower AlbumOglesby, Bea/AQS
B-532Cutting Curves From Straight PiecesBowles, Debbie/AQS
B-534New Look for RedworkOates, Cindy Taylor/Taylor Made Designs
B-535Quilting With Japanese FabricsPippen, Kitty/Martingale& Co
B-537Paper-Pieced CurvesDavis, Jodi/Martingale & Co
B-538From Fiber To FabricHargrave, Harriet/C & T Publishing
B-540Easy Stash QuiltsDoak, Carol/Martingale & Co
B-543Stack-N-Whackier QuiltsReynolds, Berthany/AQS
B-545Landscape Quilts (Copy 1)Zieman, Nancy & Sewell, Natalie/Oxmoor House
B-546Cups & Saucers (Copy 1)Bakker, Meaike/Martingale & Co
B-547Quilt ItChainey, Barbara/Martingale & Co
B-548Baby PatchworkBertie, Gianna Balli/Sterling Publishing
B-550Dresden Plates Of DistinctionStroud, Sharon/AQS
B-552More Quick Watercolour QuiltsPappas, Dina/Martingale & Co
B-553Two Hundred Fifty Continuous Line Quilt DesignsFritz, Laura Lee/C & T Publishing
B-554Snowflakes & QuiltsNadelstern, Paula/C & T Publishing
B-555Play QuiltsAddison, Kristin/Martingale & Co
B-556Piece BordersMartin, Judy & McClosky, Marsha
B-557Easy Paper Pieced Baby QuiltDoak, Carol/Martingale & Co
B-559More Fat Quarter QuiltsHawley, M'Liss Rae/Martingale & Co
B-564Threads For The ThirtiesMartin, Nancy/Martingale & Co
B-566Crazy Quilt Handbook--2nd EditionMontano, Judith Baker/C & T Publishing
B-568Story Of Beaded Embellishment, TheStori, Mary/Martingale & Co
B-571Flower PoundingFrischkorn, Ann & Sandrin, Amy
B-572Fantastic Fabric FoldingWat, Rebecca/C & T Publishing
B-573Tumbling BlocksAmerican Quilting Society
B-574Batik BeautiesShifrin, Laurie J/Martingale & Co
B-575Setting SolutionsCraig, Sgaryn/C & T Publishing
B-576Design Your Own QuiltHopkins, Judy/Martingale & Co
B-577Spirit Of The NorthlandsField, Debbie/Landeau Corp
B-579Flannel QuiltsBonsib, Sandy/Martingale & Co
B-580Japanese Folded PatchworkClark, Mary Clare/Search Press
B-581Copy & UseSquires, Helen/AQS
B-582Lone Star Quilts & BeyondKrentz, Jan/C & T Publishing
B-584Potting Shed PatchworkMartin, Nancy J/Martingale & Co
B-586Sew A Row QuiltsHellaby, Karen/Quilters Haven Publication
B-587Ragged-Edge FlowersFarson, Laura/Krause Publications
B-588Even More Quilts For BabyReikes, Ursula/Martingale & Co
B-589Red & White (2-Book Set)Harding, Deborah/Riggale
B-590Crazy PatchworkHaigh, Janet/Contemporary Books
B-601Reversible QuiltsPederson, Sharon/Martingale & Co
B-607Trip To IrelandCarlson, Elizabeth Hamby/Martingale & Co.
B-609Artful AppliqueTownswick, Jane/Martingale & Co
B-614Creative Pattern Book, TheMartin, Judy/Crosley-Griffin
B-615Stack The DeckAlexander, Karla/Martingale & Co
B-620Dyes & PaintsNoble, Elin/Fiber Studio Press
B-621Dresden Flower GardenYoung, Blanche & Young Bingham, Lynette/C & T Publishing
B-624Foundation BordersHall, Jane & Haywood, Dixie/AQS
B-625Mastering Machine Applique (2nd Edition)Hargrave, Harriet
B-626Log Cabin Rediscovered By MachineBrayfield, Brenda/AQS
B-628Jacobean RhapsodiesCampbell, Patricia B & Ayars, Mimi/C & T Publishing
B-629Everyday EmbellishmentsHawley, M'Liss Rae/Martingale & Co
B-633Triangle TricksSchneider, Sally/Martingale & Co
B-634Batiks & BeyondSchfacion, Laurie, J/Martingale & Co
B-635QuiltscapesBarker, rebecca/AQS
B-637Radiant New York BeautiesWells, Valori/C & T Publishing
B-638Perfect ReunionChristopherson, Darlene C/C & T Publishing
B-640Elm Creek QuiltsChiaverini, Jennifer & Odon, Nancy/C & T Publishing
B-641Asian ElegancePippen, Kelly & Pippen, Sylvia/Martingale & Co
B-642Split Diamond DazzlersJohnston, Pauline/Martingale & Co
B-643Quick-Strip Paper PiecingMartin, Peggy/ C & T Publishing
B-644Beautiful BloomsMadden, Angela, MCQ Publications
B-645Nickel QuiltsSpeth, Pat & Charlene Ihode/Martingale & Co
B-646Picture PiecingEngland, Cynthia/England Design
B-647Quilted GemsPerry, Gai/C & T Publishing
B-648Sew CrazyKalb, Alice/AQS
B-649Quilt A KoalaRolfe, Margaret/Martingale & Co
B-650Quick Quilts From The Scrap BagWilens, Patricia/Oxmoor House
B-652Creative Machine StitchingNelson, Patricia/Martingale & Co
B-653Dancing Quilts From Straight PiecesBowles, Debbie/AQS
B-654Among Friends--More Scrap QuiltsHenning, Brenda/Bear Paw Productions
B-655Marvellous Mini Quilts For Foundation PiecingRosintoski, Ellen/American School of Needlework
B-658Liberated String QuiltsMarston, Gwen/C & T Publishing
B-659Ricky Tim's Convergence QuiltsTims, Ricky/C & T Publishing
B-661QuiltagamiHiney, Mary Jo
B-662Winding Ways With QuiltsMacDonald, Nancy Elliott
B-663Bear's Paw PlusSyta, Pat A
B-664Quilts For GuysRymer, Cyndy Lyle
B-666Quiltmaking By HandBeyer, Jinney/Breckling Press
B-670Fast Fun & Easy Fabric Bowls (5 Reversible Shapes To Use)Johansen, Linda/C &T Publishing
B-671Quilts From EuropeLaporte, Gail/C & T Publishing
B-672Photo Fun: Print Your Own Fabric For Quilts & CraftsRymer, Cyndy Lyle/Hewlett-Packard
B-673Quilt AfricaWilliamson, J & Parker, P/AQS
B-674Time Crunch Quilts with CD (T-009)Martin, Nancy J/Martingale & Co
B-676English Cottage QuiltsMaster, Pamela/Martingale & Co
B-677Confetti QuiltsMashuta, Mary
B-679Stitch & Split AppliqueCrow, Jayme & Segna, Joann/Martingale & Co
B-682Kaleidoscope--New Quilts From An Old FavouriteSmith, Barbara/AQS
B-684Best Of Shirley Thompson Quilting PatternsBarnes, Cheryl/The Mackelson
B-685Guide To Machine QuiltingGaudynski, Diane
B-687Passionate PatchworkFassett, Kaffe/Taunton
B-688Create Your Own Quilt LabelsChurbuck, Kim
B-689More Nickel QuiltsSpeth, Pat
B-691Heirloom Machine Quilting (4th Edition)Hargrave, Harriet
B-693Art Of Manipulating Fabric, TheWolff/Krause Publications
B-696Transforming FabricDahl, Carolyn A/Krause Publications
B-697Contemporary Machine Embroidered Quilts with CD T-010Roche, Eileen/KP Books
B-700Forty Bright & Bold Paper Pieced BlocksDoak, Carolyn/That Patchwork Place
B-701Fifty Fabulous Paper-Pieced Stars with CD T-011Doak, Carolyn/That Patchwork Place
B-702Art Of Classic Quiltmaking, TheHargrave, Harriet & Craig, Sharyn/C & T Publishing
B-703Basic Guide To Dyeing & Painting Fabric, TheWalter, Cindy & Priestley, Jennifer/Krause Publications
B-704American QuiltmakingLevie, Eleanor/AQS
B-705Show Me How To Create Quilting DesignsSandbach, Kathy
B-706Fast, Fun & Easy Fabric BoxesJohansen, Linda/C & T Publishing
B-707Sensational SettingsHanson, Joan/That Patchwork Place
B-708Quilt Inspirations From AfricaEngland, K & Johnson, Mary/Quilt Digest Press
B-709Combing Through Your ScrapsCombs, Karen/AQS
B-719Make It Simpler Paper PiecingSolomon, Anita G/C & T Publishing
B-720Simple BlessingsDiehl, Kim/Martingale & Co
B-721Pairing Up Two Block QuiltsMahoney, Nancy/Martingale & Co
B-722A New Look At Log Cabin QuiltsGlover, Flavin/C & T Publishing
B-723Fabric JourneyMcDowell, Ruth B/C & T Publishing
B-724Nature's StudioColvin, Joan/C & T Publishing
B-725Quilts With A SpinGoldsmith, B & Jenkins, L/C & T Publishing
B-726Beading BasicsStori, Mary/C & T Publishing
B-727More Reversible QuiltsPederson, Sharon/Martingale & Co
B-728Quilts In BloomHaslam, Marion/Creative Publishing
B-729Bright Quilts From Down UnderThat Patchwork Place
B-730Attic Windows: Quilts With A ViewLeone, Diana & Walters, Cindy/Krause
B-732Tuck Me In: Eighteen Cute & Cuddly Quilts For KidsQuiltmaker Magazine, Editor/C & T Publishing
B-733Kaffe Fassett's Quilt RoadBuller, K, Editor/Rowan
B-734Contemporary QuiltingWalter & Graves/KP Books
B-736Foundation Pieced Nature QuiltsScwartz & Seifert, Editors/Zippy Designs Publishing
B-737Stack A New DeckAlexander, Carla
B-739Pieced Curves So SimpleFleming, Dale/C & T Publishing
B-740A Bridge To Landscape QuiltsHackett, Mary L/AQS
B-741Karen K Stone QuiltsStone, Karen K/Electric Quilt Co
B-744Quilt Designs From Decorative Floor TilesPorter, Christine/David & Charles
B-746Snow Buddies Throughout The YearSmith, Nancy & Milligan, Lynda/Possibilities
B-748Scatter Garden QuiltsMostek, Pamela/Martingale & Co
B-750Mile-A-Minute QuiltsHultgen, Sharon/Leisure Arts
B-751Carol Doak's Simply Sensational Nine-Patch Stars with CD T-012Doak, Carol/C & T Publishing
B-752Quilt The SeasonsBaker, Barbara K & Boe, Jeri/C & T Publishing
B-753Crazy Eights: Fun With Eight-Pointed StarsSuit, Mary Sue/Martingale & Co
B-754Bella Bella-Stunning Designs From Italian MosaicsMcMeeking, Norah/C & T Publishing
B-755Shoreline QuiltsRymer, Cyndy, C & T Publishing
B-756Thinking Outside The BlockCummings, Sandi/C & T Publishing
B-758Journey Of An Art QuilterOlson, Barbara/Dragonthreads
B-759Everyday Jackets . . . AgainOates, Cindy Taylor/Taylor Made Designs
B-761Twenty-Four Flower Quilt BlocksCausee, Linda/ASN Publishing
B-762Press For Success: Secrets For Precise & Speedy QuiltmakingGiesbrecht, Myrna/That Patchwork Place
B-765Color & Composition For The Creative QuilterPasquini, Masoput, Katie/C & T Publishing
B-766Diamond Quilts & Beyond: From The Basics To Dazzling DesignsKrentz, Jan/C & T Publishing
B-767Puzzle Quilts: Simple Blocks, Complex FabricsNadelstern, Paula/C & T Publishing
B-768Barbara Randle's More Crazy Quilting With AttitudeRandle, Barbara/KP Books
B-769Machine Quilting In SectionsMitchell, Mart/From Marti Mitchell
B-772Applique Takes WingTownswick, Jane/Martingale & Co
B-773Free Expression: The Art & Confessions Of A Contemporary Quilter w/ CD T-013Eklow, Robbi Joy/Quilting Arts, LLC
B-774Mariners Compass Quilts: Setting A New CourseMathieson, Judy/C & T Publishing
B-775More Colourful Quilts For KidsPearson, Kari & Friends/KP Kids & Co
B-776Sashiko: Traditional Japanese Quilt DesignsQuilters Resource Inc
B-777One-Block WondersRosenthal, Maxine/C & T Publishing
B-778Winter Wonders: Fifteen Quilts & Projects To Celebrate The SeasonRounds, J & Comyns, C/C & T Publishing
B-779Color Confidence For QuiltersBeyers, Jinny/The Quilt Digest Press
B-781Round Robin RenaissanceHawley, M'liss Rae/C & T Publishing
B-782Butterfly Album: Monarchs & MoreOglesby, Bea/AQS
B-783Positively PineappleMilligan, L & Smith, N/Possibilites
B-784Dresden Plate: New Quilts From An Old FavoriteSmith, B & Hawkins, S/AQS
B-786Color Magic For QuiltersSeely, A & Stewart, J/Rodale
B-787Smashing Sets: Exciting Ways To Arrange Quilt BlocksMiller, Margaret J/C & T Publishing
B-788Art Nouveau QuiltsOglesby, Bea/Kansas City Star Books
B-789Divide & Conquer: Quilt It Your WaySmith, N & Milligan, L/Possibilities
B-791Beautifully Embellished LandscapesBecker, Joyce R/C & T Publishing
B-792Fast Forward Your QuiltingPappas, Dina/Martingale & Co
B-793Baltimore Elegance: A New Approach To Classic Album QuiltsSienkiewicz, Elly/C & T Publishing
B-795Q Is For QuiltsMcClun, D & Noble, L/C & T Publishing
B-796Celtic Pieced IllusionsCombs, Karen/AQS
B-797Baby Quilts: Fifteen Original Designs For Every Nursery D├ęcorNeubauer, L--Editor/Creative Publishing Int
B-798Affairs Of The HeartRossman, Aie/AQS
B-799Medallion Quilts: Inspiration & PatternsHamilton, Cindy V/AQS
B-800Quilting Possibilities . . .Freehand Filler PatternsPatten, Sue/AQS
B-801New Cuts For New Quilts: More Ways To Stack The DeckAlexander, Karla/Martingale & Co
B-803Helen's Mix & Match Quilting PatternsSquire, Helen/AQS
B-807Quilt Designs For PostcardsAmerican School Of Needlework
B-808P S I Love You ThreeMilligan, Lynda & Smith, Nancy/Possibilities
B-809Creative Quilt Collection: Volume TwoThat Patchwork Place
B-810A Dozen Roses: Beautiful Quilts & PillowsRounds, J & Comyns, C/Martingale & Co
B-811Quilt Toppings: Fun & Fancy Embellishment TechniquesCrust, Melody/Breckling Press
B-813Infinite Feathers: Quilting DesignsShackleford, Anita
B-814Luminous Landscapes: Quilted Visions In Paint & ThreadLoughman, Gloria.C & T Publishing
B-815Prize-Winning QuiltsWeiss, Rita/Sterling
B-816Patches & Posies: Designs For Applique & QuiltingArmstrong, Carol/C & T Publishing
B-818Quiltmavens: Perfect Paper Piecing with CD T-019Karasik, Deb & Mednick, Janet/AQS
B-819Kaffe Fassett's Kaleidoscope Of QuiltsFassett, Kaffe/Taunton Press
B-820Mastering Precision Piecing: Seven Spectacular Quilts With Techniques For SuccessCollins, Sally/C & T Publishing
B-822Fifty-Five-Hundred Quilt Block DesignsMalone, Maggie/Sterling
B-824Birds 'n RosesDoherty, Margaret/AQS
B-825Welcome To The North Pole: Santa's Village In AppliqueGoldsmith, B & Jenkins, L/That Patchwork Place
B-826Square Dance (Revised Edition)Thompson, Martha/That Patchwork Place
B-828Serendipity QuiltsNephew, Sara/Clearview Triangle
B-830A Cozy Quilted ChristmasSchaefer, Kim/C & T Publishing
B-831Visual ColoringWolfrom, Joen
B-833A New Twist On Strips & CurvesSmith, Louisa L/C & T Publishing
B-835Easy Bias-Covered CurvesHill, Wendy/C & T Publishing
B-836Piece By Piece Machine AppliqueSchambler, Sharon & Fincher, Kristy
B-837French Braid QuiltsMiller, Jane Hardy
B-838Strip Happy Quilting On A RollKinsey, Donna/Design Originals
B-839Scrap Quilt SensationsGuerrier, Katherine/David & Charles
B-840Mastering The Art Of McTavishing with CD T-036McTavish, Karen/On-Word Bound Books
B-841Art Quilt WorkbookDavila, Janie & Waterson, Elin
B-842Kaffe Fassett's Quilts In The SunFassett, Kaffe
B-843Award-Winning Applique BirdsHumphries, Pamela/AQS
B-844Strippin' 'Time--Project Of The MonthMitchell, J J & Patgett, Patsy/Design Originals
B-845Nine-Patch ExtravaganzaLaquidara, Judy L
B-846Points Of ViewHearder, Valerie
B-849Add-A-Line Extreme Quilting PatternsDonaldson, Janie
B-850Applique--The Basics & BeyondPittman, Janet/Lindauer Books
B-853Rose Of Sharon: New Quilts From An Old FavoriteLasco, L B, Editor/AQS
B-855The Quiltmaker Collection--Quilting Motifs--Volume ThreeCapp, Maria R, Editor/Media
B-856The Quiltmaker Collection--Quilting Motifs--Volume OneCapp, Maria R, Editor/Media
B-857The Quiltmaker Collection--Quilting Motifs--Volume TwoCapp, Maria R, Editor/Media
B-859Pat Sloan's Take The Fear Out Of Color with CD (T-042)Sloan, Pat/Leisure Arts
B-860Ricky Tim's Rhapsody QuiltsTims, Ricky/C & T Publishing
B-861ABC's Of Words On Quilts, TheScott, Elizabeth/C & T Publishing
B-863Creative Classics: Two Hundred & Fifty Playful Continuous-Line Quilting DesignsFritz, Laura Lee/ C & T Publishing
B-865New York Beauty with CD T-020Phillips, Cheryl & Shultz, K/Phillips Fiber Art
B-866Quilts, Bibs, Blankies . . .Oh My!Schaefer, Kim/C & T Publishing
B-867Innovative Fabric Imagery For QuiltsRymer, Cindy L/C & T Publishing
B-868Aquatic Creatures: Fish, Frogs, Turtles & ToadsAshton, Darcy/Ashton Publications
B-870Skinny Quilts & Table Runners From Today's Top DesignersLevie, Eleanor, Editor/Martingale & Co
B-871More Elm Creek QuiltsChiaverini, Jennifer/C & T Publishing
B-872Jelly Roll QuiltsLintott, Pam & Nicky/D & C
B-873Color For The Terrified QuilterMcCaulley, I & Pederson, Sharon/Martingale & Co
B-874Fat Quarter Frenzy TwoMark, Susan P & Greig, Daphne
B-875Quilting Motifs--Volume FourQuiltmaker/CK Media
B-876Quilting Motifs--Volume FiveQuiltmaker/CK Media
B-877Fast Quilts From Fat QuartersChainey/D & C
B-878Simple Start Stunning FinishWells, Valori/C & T Publishing
B-879Quilt As DesiredFrable, Charlene/Krause
B-880Quilting Motifs--Volume SixQuiltmaker/CK Media
B-881Applique Rose GardenLabanaris/Faye/AQS
B-882Turning TwentyCribbs, Tricia/Friend Folks
B-884Baby Wraps: Quick Cuddle QuiltsAlexander, Carla/That Patchwork Place
B-885Quilts On The DoubleHoowrorth, Judy & Rolfe, Margaret
B-886Another Can Of WormsCaffrey, Debby/Debby's Creative Moment
B-887Stunning Angle Play QuiltsMiller, Maragret/C & T Publishing
B-891Young At Heart QuiltsPopa, Julie/Martingale & Co
B-893Pineapple StarsRexroad, Sharon/C & T Publishing
B-896Simply Stunning Woven QuiltsFaustino, Anna/C & T Publishing
B-897Little Red Riding HoodPereira, Pearl
B-898Easy & Elegant Lone Star QuiltsStutz, Shirlet/C & T Publishing
B-899Bargello Quilts With A TwistBall, Maggie/Krause Publications
B-900Simply Amazing Spiral Quilts with CD T-028Merrill, RaNae/Krause Publications
B-901Feathered FriendsNielsen, Jette, N/C & T Publishing
B-902Radiant Sunshine & ShadowFrost, H & Skow/C & T Publishing
B-903Precious Sunbonnet QuiltsAlderman, Betty/AQS
B-904Loose ChangePlett, C & Weaver, L/Martingale & Co
B-905Batik GemsShifrin, Laurie/C & T Publishing
B-906Fun With One-Block QuiltsMalkowski, Cheryl/C & T Publishing
B-907Let's PretendTomaszewski, Cynthia/Martingale & Co
B-908Coloring With ThreadFahl, Ann
B-909Beautiful Big DogsAshton, Darcy/Ashton Publications
B-910Foolproof Machine QuiltingMashuta, Roberta/ C & T Publishing
B-911Alphabet QuiltsOglesby, Bea/Kansas City Star Quilts
B-912One-Block Wonders EncoreRosenthal, M & Pelzman, J/C & T Publishing
B-913Kaleidoscope QuiltsNadelstern, Paula/C & T Publishing
B-914Design Exploration for Creative QuiltersMasopust, Katie Pasquini/C & T Publishing
B-915Sawtooth Quilts: New Quilts From An Old FavoriteLasco, L B, Editor/AQS
B-916Cathedral Window QuiltsEdwards, Lynne/D & C
B-917Fast Fun & Easy Fabric DyeingKoolish, Lynn/ C & T Publishing
B-918Hooked On FeathersTerry, Sally/AQS
B-919Bodacious Applique A La CarteEngel, Margie/AQS
B-920Judy Martin's Log Cabin Quilt BookMartin, Judy/Crossley-Griffin
B-921Snowflakes: Papercut-Applique QuiltsWylie, Kathy K
B-922Strata Various QuiltsPersing, Barbara & Hoover, Mary
B-923Nine Patch & Snowball QuiltsCampbell, Elsie/Chitra
B-924A Fine FinishMazuran, Cody/That Patchwork Place
B-925Wholecloth QuiltsNeedham, Cindy/AQS
B-926Quilting For JoyBrandeburg, B & Christopherson, T
B-927Masters: Art QuiltsSielman, Martha
B-928Kaffe Fassett's Country Garden QuiltsFassett, Kaffe/Taunton Press
B-929Miniatures In MinutesSandlin, Terry/C & T Publishing
B-930Borders--The Basics & BeyondReber, Jill/Landauer Publishing
B-931Amazing Nickel QuiltsSpeth, Pat
B-932Layer Cake, Jelly Roll & Charm QuiltsLintott, Pam & Nicky/D & C
B-933Holiday WrappingsManwaring, L & Nelson, S/Martingale & Co
B-934Batiks Inspired By BaliMcNeill, Suzanne/Design Originals
B-935Darling Little DogsAshton, Darcy/Ashton Publications
B-936Those Crazy KidsNesbitt, Janet Rae/The Buggy Barn
B-937Kids Quilt TogetherEmmel, Kathy
B-938Crazy PatchworkWilhoit, Alice
B-939Scrap-Basket SurprisesBrackett, Kim/That Patchwork Place
B-940Freddy & Gwen Collaborate AgainMarston, Gwen & Moran, Freddy
B-941Intuitive Color & DesignWells, Jean/C & T Publishing
B-942Fabric Art CollageMeier, Rebekah/C & T Publishing
B-943Quilter's Directory Of Embellishments, TheHolman, Sally/C & T Publishing
B-944Ruth B McDowell's Piecing WorkshopMcDowell, Ruth B/C & T Publishing
B-945Quilted Bags & PursesHiney, Mary Jo/Sterling
B-947Flower FestivalSchaefer, Kim/C & T Publishing
B-948Fabulous Fat-Quarter Bags With M'Liss Rae HawleyHawley, M'Liss Rae/C & T Publishing
B-949Secrets Of Elemental Quilting with CD T-022McTavish, Karen/On-Word Bound Books
B-950Not Your Grandmother's Log CabinNephew, Sara/Clearview Triangle
B-951American Jane's Quilts For All SeasonsKlop, Sandy/Martingale & Co
B-952One Line At A TimeAnderson, Charlotte Warr/C & T Publishing
B-953Deck The HallsTaylor, Cheryl A/Martingale & Co
B-954Beyond The BlockJohnson, L K & Wells, J K
B-955Applique Outside The Lines With Piece 'O Cake DesignsGoldsmith, B & Jenkins, L/C & T Publishing
B-956Quilts From ParadiseTomaszewski, Cynthia/Martingale & Co
B-957That Patchwork Place Quilt CollectionGreen M V, Editor/That Patchwork Place
B-958Stained Glass QuiltsSchwartz, Loz & Seifert, S/ZDP Media
B-959Quilts With Attitude with CD T-042Karasik, Deb/AQS
B-960Quilt This! Practical Patterns For Everyday QuiltingSmith, Lynda
B-961Pots Of Fleur: A Garden Of Applique TechniquesDelaney, Kathy/Kansas City Star Books
B-964Simple Comforts--Cozy Lap QuiltsDiehl, Kim/Martingale & Co
B-965Debbie Mumm's Cuddle QuiltsMumm, Debbie/Leisure Arts
B-966Machine Freehand PatternsMoore, Nan/AQS
B-967Skinny Quilts & Table RunnersLevie, Eleanor, Editor/Martingale & Co
B-968Claire's Cats--Volume IAshton, Darcy/Ashton Publications
B-969Claire's Cats--Volume IIAshton, Darcy/Ashton Publications
B-970A Passion For PiecingMayers, Claudia Clark/C & T Publishing
B-971Color Shuffle: New Quilts From Karla AlexanderAlexander, Karla
B-972Tile Quilt Revival: Reinventing Forgotten FormJones, Carol G & Finley, Bobbi/C & T Publishing
B-973Blended Borders: Quilts With A Creative EdgeMostek, Pamela/Martingale & Co
B-974Sophisticated Stitches: Designs For Quilting, Applique, Sashiko & EmbroideryDon, Linn/C & T Publishing
B-975Easy Japanese Quilt StyleDavis, Julia & Maxworthy, Anne
B-976One-Block Wonders CubedRosenthal, Maxine & Pelzmann, Joy/C & T Publishing
B-977Digital Quilting From Camera To QuiltSmith, Lara Schwarz & Smith, Kirby C/C & T Publishing
B-978ThreadworkMitrofanis, Effie/Milner
B-979Kaffe Fassett's Quilt RomanceFassett, Kaffe/Taunton
B-980Day & Night QuiltBurns, Eleanor & Countess, Michele
B-981Strips & StringsSloppy, Evelyn/Martingale & Co
B-982Forty Fabulous Quick-Cut QuiltsSloppy, Evelyn/Martingale & Co
B-983Twist-And-Turn Bargello QuiltsWright, Eileen/Martingale & Co
B-984Geometric GemsWierzbick, Cathy/That Patchwork Place
B-985Orion's Star QuiltBurns, Eleanor/Quilt In A Day
B-986Jelly Roll InspirationsLintott, Pam & Nicky/D & C
B-987Stellar QuiltsMartin, Judy/Crosley Griffith
B-988Fabric To Dye ForAnderson, Frieda/C & T Publishing
B-989Serendipity Quilts: Cutting Loose Fabric CollageCarlson, Susan/C & T Publishing
B-990Schnibbles Times TwoNelson, Carrie/Martingale & Co
B-991Christmas With PossibilitiesMulligan, Lynda & Smith , Nancy
B-992Applique WorkshopAnderson, Laurel/C & T Publishing
B-993Two From One Jelly Roll QuiltsLintott, Pam & Nicky/D & C
B-994Friendship TrianglesSitar, Edyta/LB
B-995Quilter's Academy--Volume I--Freshman YearHargraves, Harriet & Hargraves, C/C & T Publishing
B-996Adaptable Quilting DesignsPatten, Sue/AQS
B-997Kaffe Fassett's Simple Shapes Spectacular QuiltsFassett, Kaffe/Stewart Tabori & Chang Abrams
B-998Designing Quilts Is EasyKollinger, Wayne/C & T Publishing
B-999Cozy Modern QuiltsSchaefer, K/C & T Publishing
B-1000Fiber Art MontageMontano, Judith Baker/Dragon Threads
B-1001Quilter's Academy--Volume II--Sophomore YearHargraves, Harriet & Hargraves, C/C & T Publishing
B-1002Charmed I'm SureChiasson, Leslie/Martingale & Co
B-1003Star Struck QuiltsCline, Barbara H/C & T Publishing
B-1004Drafting For The Creative QuilterCollins, Sally/C & T Publishing
B-1005Flying ColorsGarber, Gail/C & T Publishing
B-1006Quilted SymphonyLoughman, Gloria/C & T Publishing
B-1007Ruth B McDowell's Design WorkshopMcDowell, Ruth B/C & T Publishing
B-1008Tis The Season: Quilts and Other ComfortsLarge, Jeanne & Wicks, Shelley/Martingale & Co
B-1009All-Star QuiltsFrost, H & Young, B/C & T Publishing
B-1010City QuiltsHouse, Cherri/Stash Books
B-1011More Loose ChangePlett, C & Weaver, L/Martingale & Co
B-1012Picture This!Stein, Marcia/C & T Publishing
B-1013Bloom Creek QuiltsBellino, Vicki/Martingale & Co
B-1014Flowers All AroundLamman, Cindy/Martingale & Co
B-1015Treasures From The ThirtiesMahoney, Nancy/Martingale & Co
B-1016Fast Flirty & FunBisal, Sarah M/Martingale & Co
B-1017Beloved Baltimore Album QuiltsSiekiewicz, Elly/C & T Publishing
B-1018Link To The ThirtiesConners, & Earlywine, K/Martingale & Co
B-1019Thread--The Basic & BeyondBates, D & Kettle, Liz/LP
B-1020Circle PlayPakusich, Reynola/C & T Publishing
B-1021Best In ShowArmstrong, Carol/C & T Publishing
B-1022Quilts Made ModernRingle, W & Kerr, B/C & T Publishing
B-1023Quilts En ProvenceFassett, Kaffe/Taunton
B-1024Kaleidoscope Quilts: The WorkbookNadelstern, Paula
B-1025Hari Walner's Continuous-Line Quilting Designs (2 Books)Walner, Harriet/C & T Publishing
B-1026Quilting By Improvisation (Author Signed)Pignatelli, Vikki/Dragon Threads
B-1027Three-D Folded BlocksBaron, G & Vermeer, E/AQS
B-1028Liberated Quiltmaking IIMarston, Gwen/AQS
B-1029Cradle To CradleJones, Barbara/Kansas City Star Books
B-1030Quilter's Color Club, TheBarnes, Christine/C & T Publishing
B-1031Fearless Design For Every QuilterTorrence, L & Miles, J/C & T Publishing
B-1032Simply Dynamic Sampler QuiltsHattenm Marianne/AQS
B-1035Scrap RepublicCier, Emily
B-1036Adventures In DesignWolfrom, Joen
B-1037Freemotion QuiltingWoodworth, Judy
B-1038Weekend QuiltsLaquidara, Judy
B-1039Some Assembly RequiredEngel, Margie
B-1040Quilting Designs From NatureMinniken, Lone J
B-1041Fast, Fusible Flower QuiltsMahoney, Nancy
B-1042Sensational Small QuiltsDoyle, Christine, Editor
B-1043Summer At The LakeMaw, Susan & Bell, Sally
B-1044Enhance Your Quilts--EmbellishWhite, Terry
B-1045Quilts From Textured SolidsSchaefer, Kim
B-1046Give & Take--Fabric AppliqueGreig, Daphne & Mark, Susan Purney
B-1047Beautiful Wild Flower AppliqueThorpe, Zena
B-1048Point, Click, QuiltKnapp, Susan Brubaker
B-1049Jelly Roll Quilt MagicEinmo, Kimberly
B-1050Quilt A Gift For Little OnesGaudet, Barri Sue
B-1051International Sunbonnet SueKimball, Debra, MD
B-1053Twenty-Four Lovable Animal Quilt BlocksCausee, Linda/American School Of Needlework
B-1054Fat Quarter FriendlyFons & Porter Love Of Quilting Magazine
B-1058Colourful Stash BustersCowan, Mary/C & T Publishing
B-1059Custom Curves with DVD (T-050)McTavish, Karen/On-Word Bound Books
B-1060Flip Your Way To Fabulous QuiltsThomas, Donna Lynn/Martingale & Co
B-1062Japanese Taupe QuiltsBriscoe, Susan/Kodansha International
B-1063Mickey Lawler's SkyquiltsLawler, Mickey/C & T Publishing
B-1064Simple Stitches QuiltingPattison, Emily/Sterling Publishing Co
B-1065Slash Your StashMcCall's Quilting/Martingale & Co
B-1066Special Delivery QuiltsLose, Patrick/C & T Publishing
B-1067Spotlight On NeutralsWys, Pat/Martingale & Co
B-1068The "New" Sampler Quilt--DonatedLeone, Diana/C & T Publishing
B-1069The Ultimate Applique Guidebook--DonatedSmith, Annie/C & T Publishing
B-1075Scrap-Lovers' Quilts--BH & G--DonatedOhrm, Deborah G (Editor)/Leisure Arts
B-1079I Believe--DonatedHalvorsen, Nancy/Art To Heart
B-1080Basic Guide To Rotary Cut Quilts--DonatedFons, Marianne & Porter, Liz/Leisure Arts
B-1081One Thousand Great Quilt Blocks--DonatedGordon, Maggi M/That Patchwork Place
B-1082Learn To Quilt With Fat Quarters--DonatedPare, Jean/Company's Coming
B-1083Patchwork Quilting--DonatedPare, Jean/Company's Coming
B-1085Quilts In Bloom--DonatedCleveland, Susan R/Oxmoor House
B-1087Banquet Of Quilts--DonatedBono, Pam/Leisure Arts
B-1088P.S. I Love You Two--DonatedSmith, Nancy & Milligan, Lynda/Possibilities
B-1091Five Seasons Of Wall Quilts--DonatedReilly, Teresa/EZ International
B-1092Tis The Season--DonatedHutchings, Letitia/Mount Redoubt Designs
B-1093Cider Mill Road--DonatedHalvorsen, Nancy/Art To Heart
B-1094Quilter's Academy--Volume 3--Junior YearHargrave, Harriet & Hargrave, Carrie/C & T Publishing
B-1095Singing Quilter SongbookMiller, Cathy/Vanity Press
B-1096Lighthouse Designs For QuiltersAho, Patricia A/Down East Books
B-1097Maverick QuiltsBallard, Alethea/C & T Publishing
B-1098English Paper PiecingBellino, Vicki/Martingale & Co
B-1099Strip-Smart QuiltsBrown, Kathy/Martingale & Co/That Patchwork Place
B-1100Easy Batik Landscape QuiltsBrown Patricia L/American Quilter's Society
B-1101Simply Creative QuiltsChaimovich, Maya/Leisure Arts
B-1102New English Paper PiecingDaley, Sue/C & T Publishing
B-1103Simple CharmDiehl, Kim/Martingale & Co/That Patchwork Place
B-1104Baltimore Blocks For BeginnersDietrich, Mimi/Martingale & Co/That Patchwork Place
B-1105Impressionist AppliqueErrea, Grace & Osterfeld, Meridith/C & T Publishing
B-1106Thread Magic GardenEddy, Ellen Anne/C & T Publishing
B-1107Utility QuiltingForster, Carolyn/Landauer Publishing
B-1108Applique With AttitudeGoldsmith, Becky & Jenkins, Linda/C & T Publishing
B-1109Shadow Trapunto Quilts with DVD T-053Grama, Geta/C & T Publishing
B-1110Foundation-Pieced Quilts From QuiltmakerGreen, Mary V (Editor)/Martingale & Co/That Patchwork Place
B-1111Best Wall QuiltsGreen, Mary V (Editor)/Martingale & Co/That Patchwork Place
B-1112Pre-Cut Combo QuiltsGreenway, Debra Fehr/Krause Publications
B-1113Quilter's Academy--Volume 4--Senior YearHargrave, Harriet & Hargrave, Carrie/C & T Publishing
B-1114Strip Therapy 7Henning, Brenda/Bear Paw Productions
B-1115Floral DimensionsIneson, Pauline/David & Charles
B-1116Easy & Fun Free-Motion QuiltingLarkin, Eva A/Martingale & Co/That Patchwork Place
B-1117Free-Motion Machine QuiltingLinn, Don/C & T Publishing
B-1118Jelly Roll DreamsLintott, Pam & Nicky/David & Charles
B-1119Sew Embellished!Lynch, Cheryl/Martingale & Co/That Patchwork Place
B-1120Mastering The Art of Longarm QuiltingPerkes, Gina/C & T Publishing
B-1121Nature's Beauty In AppliquePropst, Susan Taylor/Martingale & Co/That Patchwork Place
B-1122A Baltimore AlbumRadtke, Marshe D/American Quilter's Society
B-1123Bobbin Quiltin' & Fusin' FunScott, Michelle/American Quilter's Society
B-1124Prairie Point PizzazzSievert, Karen/Martingale & Co/That Patchwork Place
B-1125Friendship Strips & ScrapsSitar, Edyta/Landauer Publishing
B-1126Big Book Of 20 Appliqued Candle MatsShenk, Marian/House of White Birches
B-1127Pathways From Quilt Top To QuiltedTerry, Sally/American Quilters Society
B-1128Applique & Embroidery FundamentalsVaine, Janice/Landauer Publishing
B-1129Quilt Sashings & SettingsWright, Jean Ann/Landauer Publishing
B-1131Magical Effects Of Color, The -- Donated by Betty Anne GaynorWolfrom, Joen/C & T Publishing
B-1132Color & Cloth -- Donated by Betty Anne GaynorPenders, Mary Coyne/Quilt Digest Press
B-1134Perfect Hand Quilting Without Pain with DVD T-057Newman, Liuxin/Thimblelady Publishing
B-1135Visions--Quilts Layers of ExcellenceGraves, Stevii Thompson, Editor/C & T Publishing
B-1136Mastering The Art Of EmbroideryLong, Sophie/Chronicle Books
B-1137Super Simple One-Patch QuiltsYamin, Pat/Love To Quilt Creations
B-1138Circular Quilting DesignsSquire, Helen/Love To quilt Creations
B-1139Curves To QuiltSullivan, Susan W & Stauffer, Jeanne (Ed)/Leisure Arts & HWB
B-1140Christmas Is ComingTaylor, Cheryl A/Martingale & Co & TPP
B-1141Quilted Table AccentsVagts, Carolyn S. (Ed)/Annie's
B-1142Simply SolidsVagts, Carolyn S. (Ed)/Annie's
B-1143Free-Motion QuiltingWalters, Angela/C & T Publishing
B-1144In The StudioWalters, Angela/C & T Publishing
B-1145More Twist-And-Turn Bargello QuiltsWright, Eileen/Martingale & Co
B-114610-Minute Blocks 2McNeill, Suzanne/Design Originals
B-1147Material ObsessionDoughty, Kathy & Fielke, Sarah/Stewart, Tabori & Chang
B-1148Free-Form Patchwork TechniquesMast, Tina/Schiffer Publishing Ltd
B-1149Bella Bella Sampler QuiltsMcMeeking, Norah/C & T Publishing
B-1150Fabulous Feathers & FillersNickels, Sue/AQS
B-1151Crazy Quilt Christmas StockingsOberholtzer, Beth & Sommer, Lynn/Fox Chapel Publishing
B-1152Quilts Without CornersPhillips, Cheryl/Phillips Fiber Art
B-1153Eight-Pointed & Feathered StarsSearl, Gail/Love To Quilt Creations
B-1154Vintage Tablecloth QuiltsSheifer, Rose & Aneloski, Liz/C & T Publishing
B-1155Creating Children's ArtworkShirley, Shannon G/Schiffer Publishing Ltd
B-1156Scrap Quilts Fit For A QueenSchneider, Sally/Martingale & Co
B-1157New Machine Quilting Essentials, TheSinger/Creative Publishing International
B-1158Circle PizzazzSisneros, Judy/C & T Publishing
B-1159RunnermaniaSquire, Kathryn & Jacobs, Deborah/Gathering Friends
B-1160Shots & StripesFassett, Kaffe/Stewart, Tabori & Chang
B-1161Home Sweet QuiltFinley, Jill/Martingale & Co & TPP
B-1162Best Of Fons & Porter--Fun Quilts For KidsFons, Marianne & Porter, Liz/Leisure Arts
B-1163Calendar Quilts & StitcheriesHalvorsen, Nancy/Art To Heart
B-1164Paper Piecing Quilts Of PraiseHuff, Jaynette/Martingale & Co & TPP
B-1165Star QuiltsKnapp, Mary/C & T Publishing
B-1166Applique GardenLong, Eula M/AQS
B-1167Radiant LandscapesLoughman, Gloria/C & T Publishing
B-1168Name That QuiltMarsh, Susan/Suzn Quilts
B-1169Redwork For QuiltsBaranowski, Willa/Love To Quilt
B-1170Inspired To DesignBarton, Elizabeth/C & T Publishing
B-1171Hexa Go-GoBruecher, Tacha/C & T Publishing
B-117224-Hour Baby QuiltsCausee, Linda/Leisure Arts
B-1173Art Of Stabbing, TheDoody, Cheryl/Quilt Woman
B-1174Modern PatchworkHartman, Elizabethy/C & T Publishing
B-1175Beginner's Guide To Free-Motion QuiltingBonner, Natalia/C & T Publishing
B-1176One Hundred Any-Size Star Blocks with DVD T-058Causee, Linda/Leisure Arts
B-1177Creative Combinations with DVD T-059Doak, Carol/C & T Publishing
B-1178Melon Block, The Wilson, Elisa/Elisa's Backporch Design Inc
B-1179Best of Fons & Porter Batik QuiltsFons, Marianne & Porter, Liz/Leisure Arts
B-1180Streaks of BatikHolzer, Sandra L/AQS
B-1181Sweet Layer CakesVagts, Carolyn S. (Editor)/Annie's
B-1182Twenty-Five Ways To Sew Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes & Charm PacksGreenberg, Brioni/David & Charles
B-1183Seasonal SilhouettesSitar, Edyta/Landauer Publishing
B-1184Modern HolidayMurphy, Amada/Stashbooks
B-1185Hugs & HollyMueller, Kelly/The Wooden Bear
B-1186Mark MakingParrott, Helen/Interweave Press
B-1187Fill'er Up Quilting DesignsHaddadin, Renae/AQS
B-1188Quilting IllusionsEddy, Celia/Quatro Press Inc.
B-1189One-Of-A-Kind Quilt LabelsNerud, Thea/Martingale & Co/TPP
B-1190Cutting CornersHanson, Joan/Martingale & Co/TPP
B-1191Stitched With Love with CD T-063Pandolph, Robyn/Elecrric Quilt Company
B-1192Best of Black Mountain Quilts, TheChristopherson, Teri/Martingale & Co/TPP
B-1193Make Room For Christmas QuiltsMartin, Nancy J/Martingale & Co/TPP
B-1194Time To Quilt--Retreat IdeasMoscicki, Anne/Martingale & Co/TPP
B-1195Underground Railroad SamplerBurns, Eleanor & Bouchard, Sue/Quilt In A Day Inc
B-1196A Thimbleberries HousewarmingJensen, Lynette/C & T Publishing
B-1197Impatient Patchworker, TheEmerson, Jayne/Potter Craft
B-1198Hexagons Made EasyEskridge, Jen/Martingale & Co/TPP
B-1201Floral Illusions For Quilters (Donated)Combs, Karen/AQS
B-1202Easy Machine Quilting (Donated)Townswick, Jane (Editor)/Rodale Press Inc
B-1203Three Quilters Celebrate The Four Seasons (Donated)Combs, Karen, Reynolds, Bethany S, Shay, Joan/AQS
B-1204Quilts From My Garden (Donated)Snyder, Karen/Krause Publications
B-1207Classic American Log Cabin Quilt Collection, The (Donated)Green, Mary V (Editor)/Rodale Press
B-1208Ultimate Quilting Book, The (Donated)Gordon, Maggi M/Colling & Brown
B-1211Cuddle-Up Quilts (Donated)Hearn, Deborah/American Crafts Publishing
B-1212New England Quilt Museum Quilts, The (Donated)Gilbert, Jennifer/C & T Publishing
B-1213Crazy Quilted Heirlooms & Gifts (Donated)Michler, J. Marsha/Krause Publications
B-1214Paper Piecing Potpourri (Donated)Williamson, Darra (Editor)/C & T Publishing
B-1217Scrap Quilt Celebration (Donated)Bolesta, Karen (Editor)/Rodale Press
B-1220Kaleidoscope Quilt (Donated)Burns, Eleanor/Quilt In A Day
B-1221Fat Quarter Quilts (Donated)Stauffer, Jeanne & Hatch, Sandra L (Editors)/House of White Birches
B-1222Kids' Quilts In A Weekend (Donated)Keevill, Elizabeth/Octopus Publishing
B-1223Our Best Seasonal Quilts (Donated)Fons, Marianne & Porter, Liz/Oxmoor House
B-1226Papercuts & Plenty--Volume 3 of Baltimore Beauties & Beyond (Donated)Sienkiewicz, Elly/C & T Publishing
B-1228No-Stress Piecing (Donated) Companion CD T-065McCormick, Carolyn Cullinan/Krause Publications
B-1229Rags To Riches: The Quilt As ArtSwim, Laurie/Art Quilt Publishing Corporation
B-1232A Paper-Pieced GardenBakker, Kim/Maarse, Francoise/Martingale & Co/TPP
B-1233Scrap Quilting Strip By StripBrackett, Kim/Martingale & Co/TPP
B-1234Uncommonly CorduroyDunphy, Stephanie/Martingale & Co/TPP
B-1235Marble Your Own Quilt FabricsFawcett, Kathy & Shoaf, Carol/AQS
B-1236My Enchanted GardenGibbons, Gretchen/Martingale & Co/TPP
B-1237Jane Austen QuiltsGloeggler, Karen/AQS
B-1238Piecing With PixelsHart, Sandra & Campbell, Gudny/AQS
B-1239Pretty PetalsHoward, Sheri/Kansas City Star Books
B-1240Twenty-Five Patchwork Quilt BlocksJones, Katy/Martingale & Co/TPP
B-1241Twenty-Five Patchwork Quilt Blocks--Volume 2Jones, Katy/Martingale & Co/TPP
B-1242Paper Piecing Perfect PointsKratovil, Debby/Martingale & Co/TPP
B-1243Blocks To DiamondsMalkowski, Cheryl/C & T Publishing
B-1244Extraordinary Log Cabin QuiltsMartin, Judy/Crossley-Griffin Publishing Co
B-1245French Braid ObsessionMiller, Jane Hardy/C & T Publishing
B-1246Color Essentials--Crisp & Vibrant QuiltsMurphy, Amanda/Stashbooks
B-1247Quilting ModernGering, Jacquie & Pederson, Katie/Interweave Press
B-1248Quick & Easy Hexie QuiltsRhodes, Peggy G & Wood, Julia C/AQS
B-1249Away From HomeRink, Nancy & Oliver/Kansas City Star Books
B-1250Cute Quilts For KidsRoylance, Kristin, Martingale & Co/TPP
B-1251Black & White Bright & BoldSchaefer, Kim/C & T Publishing
B-1252Fifteen Minutes Of PlayWolfe, Victoria Findlay
B-1253ABC 3-D-Tumbling Blocks & More!Baker, Marci/Alicia's Attic
B-1254Memory Quilts In The Making (Donated)Richards, Rhonda, Editor/Oxmoor House
B-1255Quilter's Companion, The (Donated)Guerrier, Katherine/David & Charles
B-1257Color Moves--Transfer Paints On Fabric (Donated)Kemshall, Linda/Martingale & Co
B-1259Mad About Plaid--Quilts From Classic Fabrics (Donated)Bacon, Debbie/Martingale & Co
B-1260Quilting--A Practical Guide To Quilting & Patchwork (Donated)Stanley, Isabel & Watson, Jenny/Hermes House
B-1261Japanese Inspirations--18 Quilted Projects (Donated)Haigh, Janet/Martingale & Co.
B-1262Dear Pam--Teach me Your Quick Quilting Techniques (Donated)Bono, Pam/Leisure Arts
B-1271Paradise StitchedPippen, Sylvia/C & T Publishing
B-1272The Modern Applique WorkbookDick, Jenifer/Stash Books
B-1273Log Cabin RestructuredKuroha, Shizuko/NHK Publishing
B-1274A Quilter's MixologyPingel, Angela/Interweave
B-1275Playful Little Paper-Pieced Projects with CD T-075Bruecher, Tacha (Editor)/Stash Books
B-1276Contemporary Curved Quilts with Ruler T-074Pedigo, Jenny & Robinson, Helen/Landauer Publishing
B-1277Fifty Blocks From Quiltmaker with CD T-072Dudley, June (Editor)/Quiltmaker Magazine
B-1278One Hundred Any-Size Christmas Blocks with DVD T-073Weiss, Rita & Causee, Linda/Leisure Arts
B-1279Stars Made SimpleWood, Kaye/KayeWood Inc.
B-1280Sizzling CirclesHill, Lacey J/Quilt Woman
B-1282Fifty Little Paper-Pieced BlocksDoak, Carol/C & T Publishing
B-1285Mola TechniquesPatera, Charlotte/AQS
B-1286Exploring Dimensional Quilt ArtBarnes, C. June/Interweave
B-1287Free Motion Quilting--From Feathers To Flames goes w/CD T-076Brewster, Janice (Editor)/Leah Day Pulishers
B-1288Nap & NodHarder, Myra/That Patchwork Place
B-1289Red, White & QuiltedLasco, Linda B./AQS
B-1290Adventures With Leaders & EndersHunter, Bonnie K/Kansas City Star Books
B-1291More Adventures With Leaders & EndersHunter, Bonnie K/Kansas City Star Books
B-1292Scraps & Shirtails IIHunter, Bonnie K/Kansas City Star Books
B-1293String FlingHunter, Bonnie K/Kansas City Star Books
B-1294Improvising TraditionLedgerwood, Alexandra/Interweave
B-1295Ninety-Nine Continuous Line Quilting DesignsMinkkinen, Lone J/AQS
B-1296One-Hundred Modern Quilt BlocksPink, Tula/David & Charles
B-1297Accentuate The NegativePrice, Trisch/Kansas City Star Books
B-1298Ultimate Guide to Art Quilting, TheSeward, Linda/Sixthandspring Books
B-1299Embroidery & PatchworkVaine, Janice/Landauer Publishing
B-1300Shape By ShapeWalters, Janice/Stash Books
B-1301Mi Amor--Legacy Applique w/CD T-080Heinisch, Margarete, AQS
B-1302Lovely Landscape QuiltsGeier, Cathy/Fons & Porter Publishing
B-1303Floral Bouquet QuiltsSaito, Yoko/Stitch Publications
B-1304Hexagons, Diamonds, Triangles & More goes w/ T-077 & T-078Ashton, Kelly/Martingale & Co/TPP
B-1305All About StripsGuzman, Susan/Martingale & Co/TPP
B-1306Urban & AmishHarder, Myra/Martingale & Co/TPP
B-1307Vintage VibeJohnson, Amber/Martingale & Co/TPP
B-1308New Ways With Jelly RollsLintott, Pam & Nicky/David & Charles
B-1309Accent On AnglesMark, Susan P./Martingale & Co/TPP
B-1310Rotary Cut Applique with T-079 TemplatesPelland, Sue/Palmer Printing Company
B-1311Patchwork PaletteThomas, Donna L./Martingale & Co/TPP
B-1312Quilting Those Flirty '30sTomaszewski, Cynthia/Martingale & Co/TPP
B-1313Gravity--A Block Of The Month QuiltHerman, Julie/Jaybird Quilts LLC
B-1314Simple Stenciling--Dramatic QuiltsStallebrass, Pamela/C & T Publishing
B-1315Thimbleberries Big Book Of Quilt Blocks (Donated)Jensen, Lynette/Knapp Press
B-1316Precision & PanacheCleveland, Susan K/Pieces Be With You
B-1317Piping Hot CurvesCleveland, Susan K/Pieces Be With You
B-1318Marvelous MitersCleveland, Susan K/Pieces Be With You
B-1323Two Hundred & Fifty More Continuous-Line Quilting DesignsFritz, Laura Lee/C & T Publishing
B-1324Angle Play BlocksMiller, Margaret J/C & T Publishing
B-1325BH & G--Easy Quilt ProjectsAmerican Patchwork & Quilting/John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
B-1326Quilting Pattern CollectionCory, Papper/AQS
B-1327Inspired To Quilt--Art Quilt ImageryTesta, Melanie/Interweave
B-1328Quilt TransformationsWinget, Susan/Leisure Arts
B-1337Bright & Bold Cozy Modern QuiltsSchaefer, Kim/C & T Publishing
B-1338Quilter's Color Scheme Bible, The (Donated)Eddy, Celia/Krause Publications
B-1339Magic of Crazy Quilting, The (Donated)Michler, J. Marsha/Krause Publications
B-1340Wonky One-Block QuiltsCarter, Marlous/C & T Publishing
B-1341Burgoyne Surrounded (Donated)Carlson, Elizabeth Hamby/Martingale & Co.
B-1342Patchwork, Quilting & Applique (Donated)Cavendish, Marshall/Greenwich Editions
B-1343Quilted Diamonds (Donated)Franz, Linda/Linda Franz
B-1345Awash With Colour (Donated)Turner, Judy/JB Fairfax Publication
B-1346Wheelchair Lap Quilts & Totes (Donated)Swasey, Ruth/House of White Birches
B-1348The Essential Quilter (Donated)Chainey, Barbara/David & Charles
B-1349Eye-Catching Quilts (Donated)Green, Mary V.(Editor)/Martingale & Co.
B-1351Country Comforts (Donated)Wall, Cheryl/Martingale & Co/TPP
B-1352Garden Beauty - Quilt of the MonthMcNeill, Suzanne/Design Originals
B-1353Quilt It With Love--The Project Linus Story (Donated)Balagna, Mary & Babbitt, Carol/Lark Crafts
B-1354Redesigned In Red, White & Black (Donated)Niemeyer, Judy & Judel/Quiltworx
B-1355Super Simple Quilts # 2 (Donated)Anderson, Alex & Aneloski, Liz/C & T Publishing
B-1356Walking Foot Quilting DesignsMarginet, Melissa/Vanity Press
B-1357Building Blocks Sampler QuiltWalker, Felicity/Vanity Press
B-1358One Wonderful Curve - 12 Contemporary QuiltsPedigo, Jenny & Robinson, Helen/Landauer Publishing
B-1359Traditional Block PatternsSaito, Yoko/Nihon Vogue Co. Ltd.
B-1360Learn To Paper PieceMahoney, Nancy/Martingale & Co
B-1361Intentional PiecingFriend, Amy/Lucky Spool Media
B-1362Quilts For Scrap LoversGauthier, Judy/C & T Publishing
B-1363Quilts In ItalyFassett, Kaffe/Taunton Press
B-1364Jelly Roll JazzWright, Jean Ann/Landauer Publishing
B-1365Farm Girl VintageHolt, Lori/Fat Quarter Shop
B-1366Artful ImprovGrisdela, Cindy/C & T Publishing
B-1367The Quilt Block CookbookGibson, Amy/Luck Spool Media
B-1368Playtime Naptime Anytime QuiltsSchaefer, Kim/C & T Publishing
B-1369The New HexagonMarek, Katja/Martingale & Co/TPP
B-1370The Ultimate Guide To Machine QuiltingWalters, Angela & Watson, Christa/Martingale & Co
B-1371The Trendy TablePeterson, Heather/Anka's Treasures
B-1372Double Vision QuiltsSmith, Louisa L/C & T Publishing
B-1373Shape By Shape - Collection 2Walters, Angela/Stash Books
B-1374Free-Motion Quilting Idea BookMurphy, Amanda/Stashbooks
B-1375Bargello Quilts In MotionBerry, Ruth Ann/C & T Publishing
B-1376Scraps , Inc - Volume 2Woods, Susanne (Editor)/Lucky Spool
B-1377Paper-Pieced Modern - Step-By-Step Visual GuideGarro, Amy/Stashbooks
B-1378Modern RainbowBryan, Rebecca/Stashbooks
B-1379 Quilter's Paper-Piecing Workbook, The (goes with DVD T-091)Dackson, Elizabeth/Fons & Porter
B-1380Quilt with Tula & AngelaPink, Tula & Walters, Angela/Fons & Porter
B-1381Art Quilt CollageBoschert, Deborah/C & T Publishing
B-1382FabricadabraNadelstern, Paula/C & T Publishing
B-1383Simply Stunning Seamless QuiltsFaustino, Anna/C & T Publishing
B-1384Quilter's Academy-Volume 5--Master's YearHargrave, Harriet & Hargrave-Jones, Carrie/C & T Publishing
B-1385The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt w/CD T-092Hird, Laurie Aaron/Krause Publications
B-1386String Quilt StyleHogan, Mary M/Landauer Publishing
B-1387Scotty & FriendsMcNeill, Suzanne/Design Originals
B-1388Quilting HandbookFoster, Viv (Editor)/Oceana
B-1390Collection of The National Quilt MuseumNational Quilt Museum
B-1391Timeless Quilts--Techniques & ProjectsFlew, Janine (Editor)/Murdoch Books
B-1392Stained Glass Quilts ReimaginedAllers, Allie/C & T Publishing
B-1393Keepsake Baby Quilts From ScrapsHiggins, Julie/House of White Birches
B-1394Sweet & Simple Baby QuiltsHickey, Mary/Martingale & Co/TPP
B-1395Modern Triangle QuiltsBryan, Rebecca/Stashbooks
B-1396Accidental LandscapesEckmeier, Karen/The Quilted Lizard
B-1397Art Quilts MapsGoodwin, Valerie S/C & T Publishing
B-1398Bags - The Modern ClassicsKim, Sue/C & T Publishing
B-1399Appli-QuiltingPerkes, Gina/C & T Publishing
B-1400Brave New QuiltsRicketson, Kathreen/Stashbooks
B-1401Strip Tubing with JuniorStout, Daniela/Cozy Quilt Designs
B-1402Once Upon A Time in X-Blocks Land (Goes W/ Rulers T-098)Pepe, Patricia/Quilt Queen Designs
B-1403Mini Marvels - 15 Little Quilts With Big StyleAlexander, Lissa (Compiled)/Martingale & Co
B-1404Quilted Projects From Scraps & StashAuth, Betty & Frankel, Candie/Quarry Books
B-1405Quilts of A Different ColorBluhm, Irena/AQS
B-1406Modern Heritage QuiltsEllis, Amy/Martingale & Co
B-1407Window Gardens In BloomErve, Margaret Vant/C & T Publishing
B-1408New York Beauties & Flying GeeseHentsch, Carl/ C & T Publishing
B-1409Free Motion Quilting Made EasyLarkin, Eva A/Martingale & Co/That Patchwork Place
B-1410Flower Show QuiltsMajidimehr, Lynn Ann/Martingale & Co/TPP
B-1411Artful Log Cabin QuiltsMasopust, Katie Pasquini/C & T Publishing
B-1412Rainy Day Applique (Goes W/T-097 CD-Rom)Michael, Ursula/Krause Publications
B-1413Make Baby QuiltsConnor, Lindsay/C & T Publishers
B-1414Simply Retro - Fresh Quilts From Classic BlocksRoskelley, Camille/StashBooks
B-1415Super Quick Colorful QuiltsWilkinson, Rosemary (Editor)/Good Books

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