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Don’t panic – Get Involved doesn’t mean spend every last minute volunteering, organizing, and re-arranging your life. Get Involved is our way of inviting you, whatever time, talent, or interest level you may have, to enjoy the world of quilting even more!

It’s completely up to you. Have fun, be creative, and maybe donate or volunteer. There is no minimum amount or maximum amount – just your “perfect amount”. We strive to offer many activities and points of interest throughout the year. These activities are designed to be fun, help you meet new people, and learn new skills.

Each item in the list below briefly describes our planned activities over the year and will include contact information or you can speak with just about anyone at our monthly meetings to gather more information.

Peek inside, you’ll be sew happy you did!

Co-founded by Vivian Cameron and Jean Kresko, long-time members and generous contributors, ABC Quilts came to life in order for quilts to be created and donated to various charities.

More than 6,550 ABC quilts have been lovingly created, generously gifted, and abundantly cherished since 1990 when the initiative began. Quilts from this program are gifted to sick and terminally ill, are given to add a personal touch to long-term care facilities, and given to new moms in their new adventure of parenting.

No contribution is too small. Use the Contact Us page for any donation of materials or bring your donation quilt to our next meeting - we love to show them off!

ABC Sewing Afternoon
One special day a year, the membership prepares for a day of total MPQ-ing. In the morning (always a Saturday), Members meet for one of our regular monthly Meetings; afterward we eat our pack lunches and then jump right in to a fun afternoon of ABC Quilt sewing.

The bee begins – cut, sew, iron, sandwich, quilt, bind…. Whatever is available, you’re welcome to it.

Bring your favourite tools and your love of quilt-making and let the comradery reign. Any and all completed ABC Quilts, like the rest are donated throughout our community. Anything unfinished is always up for grabs if you’re looking for another project!

It’s sew much fun!


Go to our Contact Us page.

ABC QuiltsTannis Somerville
Linda Perry
CQA/ACCIsla Marsh
Crocus ConferenceInez Drummond
Noreen Christie
Shelly Young
Fat Quarter DrawsBev Black
Brenda Zebrynski
Margot Beckwith
General Workshops and DemonstrationsVACANT
Heritage Days/Cooks CreekVACANT
HospitalityBobbie Smylski
Barb Kelly
International Guild DayJoanne Fontaine
Terry-Lynn O’Brien
LibraryJan MacDonald
Audrey Seddon
Megan Seddon
Major WorkshopsWanda Steiner
Wendy Wood
MembershipKim Sysa
NewsletterIrene Heilmann
PhotographyMelissa Marginet
Rose Anne Burdeny
PublicityMary Pelton
Quilt Show 2020Irene Heilmann
Cynthia Atkins
ReceptionLiz Martin
Lea Frame
RetreatVi Mozil
Helen Maslowski
Satellite CoordinatorMarnie Houston
WebsiteHeather Orlukiewicz
Irene Heilmann

Coming Soon!!

This highly anticipated weekend in April is the highlight of every odd-numbered year (2019, 2021, etc). The Crocus Conference Committee assembles Manitoba’s most talented and creative quilting teachers and offers members and non-members alike the opportunity to dive into a skill, technique, or new trend in a classroom setting.

No matter your skill level or your exposure to the quilting craft, there is a class for you. Crocus Conference classes are day-long and your paid registration includes hands-on instruction and interaction with your instructor, a safe learning environment, lunch, and the added benefit of a new skill for your tickle-trunk of quilting (and maybe even a finished project).

Each class and instructor is hand-picked with you in mind. Our committee works tirelessly for months sourcing our venue, the finest artisans, and the perfect class mix to appeal to quilt-makers of all skill levels.

Your instructor provides the Committee a complete synopsis of their quilter history, the class objectives, the tools and materials provided or required to bring, and an anticipated take-away from your day. Don’t be shy, classes fill up very quickly and only come around every other year (if we’re so lucky), so……..

Be sure to watch for class listings and register on our Have Fun page.

NameEmailPhone Number
PresidentToby Decker tobydecker@gmail.com204 557-1154
1st VPCynthia Atkinscatkins@mymts.net204 663-6878
2nd VPLinda BarkerL-barker@shaw.ca204 663-0044
TreasurerTerry-Lynn O'Brien terrylynnobrien@gmail.com204 998-1363
SecretaryMarion 204 485-1184
Member at LargeMelinda 204 831-5184
Past PresidentHeather Orlukiewiczrehtaeho@mymts.net204 275-2494

General Workshops fulfill MPQ’s very existence – share knowledge and expand the art of quilting. Our goal is to grow this art, encourage passion for fabric and thread, and share our knowledge with our members through our members.

Half and full day workshops are held twice yearly in our standard typically on a Saturday. We strive to offer autumn and early spring Workshops and we're always looking for new tips and tricks that the entire membership benefit from learning. Our General Workshops have the added pleasure of being lead by MPQ Members so you’re always more than welcome to step right up and share your ideas or show us your talent – we’ve been amazed and the time-savers we’ve learned through this means of learning …… remember when we didn’t use rotary cutters!?!?!?!

Contact your committee members to share ideas!

Aware of the world around us, the MQP January meeting, members are encouraged to bring in their gently used quilting/sewing/craft supplies and/or unfinished projects. These items are artfully packaged into bags and tickets are sold for chances to win “new to you” goodies.

What could be more fun than a grab bag of sewing supplies?

The turnout is tremendous and everybody wins – you may be able to “destash” or unclutter your sewing space at home, or you might find the treasure you’ve waited all year to uncover.

And the best part … all proceeds go to a charity or worthwhile organization chosen by our current President. There is no downside to our Go Green Auction

Mark your calendar for the January meeting!

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens …… yes, these are a few of my favourite things, along with seasonal CRAFT SALES!

Say no more. November. MPQ Meeting. Fellow artists and crafters.

What better timing than to either book a ½ table (for free) or browse the Members’ Craft Sale directly? Looking for something for the hard to buy for, something to pass off as your very own (kiddin’), or for a one-of-a kind handmade treasure – you’ll find lots to choose from at the November meeting Craft Sale.

I think someone planned this…….. it’s just in time for Christmas shopping so check a few items off your list by

Visiting all the tables or set up your own at the November meeting!

The President’s Challenge is looked forward to each year. As with any quilt or project, we take up the challenge with gusto, creativity, and a good cause in mind. Issued with plenty of time, our current President brings forward to the membership a voluntary project whereby the monies raised or donated are gifted to a worthy charity.

Bring your creative caps and your willingness to try and the rest will fall into place naturally. Announcements are made at meetings and can be found in monthly newsletters and most any member will know so ask questions, pour your heart into it, and feel great in the end!


Toby Decker

204 557-1154

Cynthia Atkins

1st VP
204 663-6878

Linda Barker

2nd VP
204 663-0044

Terry-Lynn O'Brien

204 998-1363

Marion Olafson

204 485-1184

Melinda Patterson

Member at Large
204 831-5184

Heather Orlukiewicz

Past President
204 275-2494


Article l         Name

The name of the guild shall be the Manitoba Prairie Quilters.

Article ll         PURPOSE

Manitoba Prairie Quilters is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement, and preservation of the heritage of quilting.

Article lll        MEMBERS

Section 1:  Membership in the guild shall be open to anyone who is interested in quilting.
Section 2:  Annual membership fees shall be approved by the membership at the annual general meeting. Membership fees are payable by June 30th for the membership year beginning July 1st. Non-payment of fees will result in loss of membership privileges. Prospective members may attend two (2) meetings prior to payment of fees.
Section 3: Privileges of membership include:
3.1 Voice and vote at all general meetings;
3.2 Name listed on the membership roster;
3.3 One copy of each newsletter published;
3.4 The opportunity to register for guild sponsored workshops;
3.5 One (1) free name tag;
3.6 The opportunity to enter guild quilt shows;
3.7 The use of the guild library; and
3.8 The right to hold a position on the Executive Board or on a committee.


Section 1:  The Executive Board of this guild shall consist of a President, two Vice-Presidents, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Member-At-Large, and a Past President. These officers shall perform the duties described in these By-Laws and by the parliamentary authority adopted by the guild.
1.1 All Executive Board members are entitled to vote at executive meetings.
Section 2:  The Executive Board is accountable to the general membership for all of its activities.
Section 3: The Executive Board has responsibility for:
3.1 all aspects of the guilds operations;
3.2 the guild’s financial stability and solvency;
3.3 clarifying the guild’s mission;
3.4 enhancing the guild’s public image;
3.5 the guilds goals and objectives and setting long range plans;
3.6 establishing policies and guidelines for the guild’s operations and revising the Policy and Procedures Manual as necessary; and
3.7 evaluating the performance of the guild.
Section 4: The term of office will be for one (1) year or until successors are elected, with the exception of the Member-at-Large and the Treasurer, whose terms will be two (2) years. The term of office will coincide with the fiscal year; August 1 to July 31.
Section 5:  No officer shall be eligible to serve more than two (2) consecutive terms in the same office.
Section 6: Vacancies which occur during the term will be filled through appointment by the Executive Board for the remainder of the term.
Section 7:  A nominating committee will be comprised of the Past President and two representatives from the general membership. It shall be the duty of the nominating committee to nominate candidates for each office to be elected at the Annual General Meeting, and to solicit volunteers to fill committee vacancies.
7.1 Nominations from the general membership must be delivered in writing, to the Secretary, at least seven (7) days prior to the Annual General Meeting.
Section 8: The Executive Board will meet ten (10) times per year or as requested by the president. A majority of voting officers constitutes a quorum of the Executive Board.
Section 9:  Signing authority shall rest with any two of the following:
President, Treasurer, First Vice-President.


Section 1: The President shall:
1.1 serve as the official representative of the guild;
1.2 coordinate and conduct monthly guild meetings and Executive Board meetings;
1.3 participate in planning and coordinating special events and workshops;
1.4 present a written and oral report to the Annual General Meeting;
1.5 serve as ex-officio member of all guild committees, except the Nominating Committee;
1.6 act as liaison to the International Guilds Day Committee, Quilt Show Committee, Quilt Raffle Committee, Newsletter Editor and Website Manager, and report back to the Executive Board; and
1.7 perform other duties as required.
Section 2: The 1st Vice President shall:
2.1 act in the absence of the President;
2.2 act as the Privacy Officer for the guild;
2.3 consult with Executive Board and workshop committees on potential speakers and workshops;
2.4 submit a proposed budget on behalf of the Executive Board;
2.5 act as liaison to ABC Quilts, Membership, Crocus Conference, Retreat, and all Workshop committees, as well as the CQA/ACC and Satellite Group representatives, and report back to the Executive Board;
2.6 ensure President’s Pin with appropriate years is ordered for presentation to the outgoing president at the September meeting;
2.7 present a written report to the Annual General Meeting; and
2.8 perform other duties as required.
Section 3: The 2nd Vice President shall:
3.1 assist in the planning and organizing of monthly meetings;
3.2 act as liaison to the Hospitality, Reception, Library, Publicity and Fat Quarter Draw representatives, and report back to the Executive Board;
3.3 present a written report to the Annual General Meeting; and
3.4 perform other duties as required.
Section 4: The Secretary shall:
4.1 record minutes of monthly and Annual General meetings and make these available to the membership;
4.2 record minutes of the Executive Board meetings and make these available to all Executive Board members;
4.3 provide pertinent information, and summarized minutes, for publication in the newsletter;
4.4 assume responsibility for all guild correspondence;
4.5 maintain the permanent records of the guild;
4.6 maintain an up-to-date and current set of By-Laws and the Policy and Procedures Manual including all amendments;
4.7 present a written and oral report to the Annual General meeting; and
4.8 perform other duties as required.
Section 5: The Treasurer shall:
5.1 be responsible for all guild bank accounts and accounting ledgers;
5.2 coordinate the collection and deposit of all guild funds;
5.3 coordinate the annual accountant’s review of all guild financial records;
5.4 provide current information on all accounts to the Executive Board meetings;
5.5 arrange publication of a quarterly trial balance in the guild newsletter;
5.6 liaise with the 1st Vice-President (on behalf of the Executive Board) and each committee chairperson in the preparation of the annual budget;
5.7 prepare a yearly budget for approval of the membership;
5.8 present a written and oral report to the annual General meeting; and
5.9 perform other duties as required.
Section 6: The Past President shall:
6.1 act as an advisor to the Executive Board;
6.2 serve as chairperson for the Nominating Committee;
6.3 act as liaison to the Heritage Quilt Committee and report back to the Executive Board;
6.4 present a written and oral report to the Annual General meeting; and
6.5 perform other duties as required.
Section 7: The Member-At-Large shall:
7.1 ensure that the policies and By-Laws of the guild are upheld;
7.2 maintain current working knowledge of guild policies, bylaws and mandate and parliamentary procedures, as well as the responsibilities of all executive officers and committees;
7.3 direct new Executive members and committee chairs to the By-Laws and Policy and Procedures Manual on the MPQ website;
7.4 act as scrutineer for all elections;
7.5 coordinate any necessary disciplinary process;
7.6 present a written and oral report to the Annual General meeting; and
7.7 perform other duties as required.

Article VI       FISCAL YEAR

The fiscal year will commence on August 1st of each year and end July 31st of the following year.

Article VII      MEETINGS

Section 1: Monthly meetings will be held from September to June, with dates published in the newsletter, unless otherwise ordered by the Executive Board.
Section 2: The regular meeting in May shall be known as the Annual General Meeting, and shall be for the purpose of receiving reports of officers and committees, electing officers, presenting the annual budget and transacting any other business that may arise. This meeting will be open to members in good standing only.
Section 3: The quorum of this guild will be 25% of total members in good standing.
Section 4: Special meetings of the membership may be called by the President, the Executive Board, or a quorum of the membership. Twenty (20) working days’ notice of all meetings must be given.


Section 1: Elections will take place at the Annual General Meeting.
Section 2: The Nominating Committee will preside over the election of officers.
Section 3: Elections shall be by secret ballot.

Article IX       COMMITTEES

Section 1: The standing Committees of the guild are:
1.1 ABC Quilts
1.2 Crocus Conference
1.3 Hospitality
1.4 International Guilds Day
1.5 Library
1.6 Major Workshops
1.7 General Workshops
1.8 Membership
1.9 Newsletter
1.10 Publicity
1.11 Quilt Show
1.12 Quilt Raffle
1.13 Quilt Retreat
1.14 Reception
Section 2:  The representatives are:
2.1 CQA
2.2 Cooks Creek Heritage Days
2.3 Fat Quarter Draw
2.4 Photography
2.5 Satellite
2.6 Website Manager
Section 3: Each committee will be responsible for the development of policies and procedures relative to their respective mandate.
Section 4: Ad hoc committees will be established by the Executive Board or by resolution from the membership as required. A liaison from the Executive Board is to be appointed at that time.
Section 5: It is the responsibility of all committees:
5.1 to adhere to the By-Laws and Policies and Procedures of Manitoba Prairie Quilters;
5.2 to review the Policy and Procedures Manual for Executive Members and standing committees and representatives and propose any changes that should be brought before the Executive Board via their designated liaison;
5.3 to submit all monies to the Manitoba Prairie Quilters Treasurer at the end of each monthly meeting; (exceptions to this can only be granted by the Executive Board);
5.4 to prepare a proposed budget for the following year, that shall be submitted to the Treasurer by April 1st of each year;
5.5 to submit interim financial reports as well as a yearend financial report, as listed in the Policy and Procedures Manual for Executive Members and standing committees and representatives, via their designated liaison;
5.6 to submit a written and oral report and financial statement to the Annual General Meeting;
5.7 to understand that failure to submit either budgets or financial reports may result in funds not being released and/or in disciplinary action being taken according to Article XIII of these By-Laws.

Article X        DISSOLUTION

In the event of the dissolution of the Manitoba Prairie Quilters (MPQ), following liquidation of all solid assets of the guild, the net monies will be distributed to Canadian Quilters Association / Association de la Courtepointe (CQA/ACC) to assist in the promotion of quilting in Manitoba. No funds will inure to the benefit of any of the guild’s members.


The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern Manitoba Prairie Quilters in all cases to which they are applied, unless they are not consistent with these By-Laws in which case these By-Laws will take precedence.


These By-Laws may be amended at any regular meeting of the guild, provided at least twenty (20) days notice in writing, of pending By-Law change, has been provided to all members in good standing.


Section 1: Any member who contravenes the By-Laws and policies of this guild will be subject to discipline, which may include any or all of the following;
1.1 suspension of position(s) either on committee(s) or on the Executive Board;
1.2 suspension of privileges of membership;
1.3 suspension of membership for a period of time or lifetime;
1.4 criminal or civil prosecutions.
Section 2: The member being disciplined shall have the right to appeal to the Executive Board within 30 days following notification of the disciplinary action.

Amendment Log:

Approved by membership, May 12, 2010.
Change to Article IV, Section 4 approved by the membership, May 18, 2011.
Change to Article III, Section 2 and to Article VII, Section 2 approved by the membership, May16, 2012.
Change to Article V, Section 1 and Section 3, and to Article IX, Section 1 and Section 2 approved by Membership May 15, 2014
Change to Section2 (Article 2.5), and to Article IX, Section 1
Approved by Membership, May 21, 2015
Change to Article IV, Section 1, Article V, Section 2 and Section 7, and to Article IX, Section 1 and Section 2
Approved by Membership, May 16, 2018

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